Narayanan Krishnan has been nominated for the Epoch awards of 2013

Nominee Square

One of Akshaya supporters nominated Krishnan for the Epoch unsung heroes award of 2013. The organization that gives out these awards would like to hear from the organization what a $500 would mean to the cause and to the work. The nominees can be viewed at
Here in Krishnan’s words are what this $500 would mean.

“Dear supporters of Akshaya

You have all been with me and Akshaya through perhaps the journey of a life time – Helping the helpless. Without the support of so many individuals form all around the globe – The Akshaya home would not be able to stand proud and tall as she does today. $1 feeds 3 meals to one person. Can you image that with $500 we can feed all our nearly 425 to 450 helpless plus the staff who are on campus. Every dollar is precious to us. In fact the smallest denomination in any currency means a lot to us. So dear Epoch awards coordinators – for an organization that runs solely on donor funds the gift of $500 is huge. By giving me the visa gift card you will be joining me in feeding 425 to 450 hungry souls albeit for a day… join me in Helping the helpless.


Narayanan Krishnan

Managing Trustee. (Akshaya Trust)”

About Akshaya Trust

Akshaya's Helping in H.E.L.P Trust - helping the helpless mentally disabled and senior homeless citizens in Madurai for the last 12 years. Founded by Narayanan Krishnan, CNN Top ten Hero of the year 2010, The CNN IBN real hero of 2008 , continues his mission at the Akshaya home.
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