What can Akshaya trust and Krishnan do with $500?

This question was posed to Narayanan Krishnan and Akshaya trust by Epoch awards – http://epochawards.com. Krishnan has been selected as a nominee for the Epoch awards 2013. To understand what $500 would mean to Akshaya please listen to the story of Pandi and his journey from the cement tube to the Akshaya home.

Pandi Akshaya’s poster child – who we called the man in the cement tube sat in this tube since the time Krishnan was out serving on the streets in 2002. Pandi was rendered mentally disabled due to a blow at the base of his neck per some folks who have known Pandi for a long time. Pandi would wait for his food from Krishnan and Akshaya every day for the past 12 years.

ImageKrishnan has been feeding the mentally disabled homeless and helpless since 2002. He has been serving nearly 400 to 450 such helpless on the streets of Madurai. But even as he served on the streets , he had a vision to construct a home to house the helpless and be able to help them get better and hopefully some day reunite them with their families  He kept working on this dream vision by purchasing land in the outskirts of Madurai city with the help of his father. Slowly but surely as the donations came in he accumulated 3.2 acres of land to construct the Akshaya home. On May 9th, 2013 Akshaya home was inaugurated. On May 10th, Krishnan decided to rescue Pandi from the streets. Pandi had waited long enough to come home. You can see the picture of Pandi’s rescue. It was a hot summer morning in a very busy Madurai, with traffic everywhere. Pandi saw all the people around him  and was spooked. He hesitated to get into the Akshaya ambulance. Krishnan sat in the ambulance with the other helpless he had rescued. The stench from inside the ambulance was over powering. Yet Krishnan sat there with Pandi oblivious to the smell, dirt and grime.

ImageThe first couple days Pandi sat in a corner, made no eye contact and did not want to talk to anyone. He refused to eat or sleep. He was scared. But in just a few weeks – he realized this was his home. He started warming up to everyone. After two months he plays ball with the other residents.He serves tea at the Akshaya kitchen.  Akshaya is trying to help our residents gain strength in their arms and legs. Pandi slept in the cement tube for so long that his legs are bowed. Our nursing staff makes him walk around the Akshaya campus every day. Image

Akshaya has 402 residents in just about 3 months. We have several Pandi’s on our campus and since we are crowded and filled to capacity we have started construction of the second phase of the Akshaya home. $500 would feed our 402 residents 3 times a day. Please join us , support us and help us complete the construction and bring to you the stories of many more Pandi’s who can be rehabilitated by love, care and Compassion. For Akshaya every $ is precious and we can certainly use the $500 should be win it in the Epoch raffle.

To contribute check out our indiegogo link at http://igg.me/at/akshayaUSA
Thanks Epoch awards for accepting the nomination of Krishnan and Akshaya.

About Akshaya Trust

Akshaya's Helping in H.E.L.P Trust - helping the helpless mentally disabled and senior homeless citizens in Madurai for the last 12 years. Founded by Narayanan Krishnan, CNN Top ten Hero of the year 2010, The CNN IBN real hero of 2008 , continues his mission at the Akshaya home.
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